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Hello, dear readers. Today I feel drawn to share something deeply personal – my journey with faith and the Bible. Faith is like a path winding through the woods. You can’t see very far ahead, but every step you take reveals a bit more of the path. As someone who has been navigating this path for some time, I hope to shed light on the unexpected turns, the hills and the valleys, the moments of clarity, and those of doubt.

About Us

Growing up in a Christian home, the Bible was as commonplace as the family dinner. We read verses at breakfast, and Sunday school was my second home. Yet, as a child, I saw the Bible mainly as a collection of stories. Tales of Noah’s Ark, the Exodus, and Jesus feeding the five thousand were as familiar as my bedtime stories.

However, as I stepped into my teen years, I began to grapple with the complexity of this book. There were moments of struggle, of wrestling with seemingly contradictory messages, and the clash of ancient contexts with our contemporary world.

Was it a rulebook, a history book, a guide to morality, or a spiritual tome filled with metaphysical wisdom?

In my twenties, I began to approach the Bible with fresh eyes. I was no longer content to simply accept what I was told. I wanted to dive deeper, to question, and to understand. My faith demanded it. My journey took me to theology classes, Bible study groups, and countless hours in silent contemplation.

I discovered that the Bible, instead of a rulebook, was more of a conversation with humanity. It is God’s dialogue with us, filled with narratives, poetry, wisdom literature, apocalyptic visions, and epistles that reflect diverse human experiences. It’s a record of people’s encounters with the Divine over several centuries, filled with their highest hopes, deepest fears, and earnest seeking.

About Us

The more I read, the more I appreciated the complexity and the depth of the scriptures. I saw the raw humanity in its pages: people struggling, doubting, hoping, and believing. People very much like me.

There are stories that uplift me: the prodigal son that speaks of unmerited grace, the calming of the storm that whispers peace amidst chaos, the sermon on the mount that outlines a radical way of love. Then there are parts that trouble me: the wars, the violence, the patriarchy. These have led to nights of doubt and disquiet.

Yet, even these difficult parts have shaped my faith. They’ve forced me to wrestle with the text, to seek context and understanding. They’ve made me confront my biases and preconceptions. They’ve taught me that faith is not passive acceptance but active engagement.

In this quest, I’ve realized that faith isn’t about attaining certainty; rather, it’s about embracing the mystery, the unanswered questions. It’s about seeking and discovering, doubting and believing. The Bible has become less of a manual to be followed word for word, and more of a companion on this journey, illuminating the path, challenging and comforting me in equal measure.

About Us

My journey with the Bible and faith is far from over. It’s a lifelong journey, filled with moments of discovery and days of doubt. It’s about continuously wrestling with the text and letting it shape and mould me. I do not have all the answers, and that’s okay. It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. After all, faith is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.

Until the next post, dear readers. Keep walking, keep wondering, and keep faith.

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